Monday, March 7, 2011

An Intro

I’ve loved cooking since…. forever.  Not just cooking, but cooking for friends, family, coworkers and even strangers.  To watch others enjoy, and sometimes devour, what my hands have made, is what makes that labor-intensive, all day kitchen experience, absolutely worth it.  Seriously.

That being said, I also love to eat food.  Really good food. Like ‘Omgosh, this is amaaaazing’ food.  Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Spanish, Mexican, Italian, French, Cuban, Peruvian, North African, Thai, you name it.  Growing up in Southern California, I’m fortunate to have about every type of cuisine available to me along with all sorts of grocery stores that carry nearly everything I may need.

So, here is where it gets complicated.  I’m gluten-free. Yes, I know, what a pity, right?  Well, not really.  I mean, yes, those brick heavy breads and crumbly, super grainy cookies are what most stores carry, and they taste like cardboard, but honestly, being gluten-free is not so bad.  How so?  Well, I just started to cook. Whatever I made when I was indulging in gluten, I made with substitutes.  And you know what, it was good. Like really good.  Like ‘Omgosh, this is amaaaaazing’ good!

The recipes I’ll be posting will usually be a gluten and non-gluten version.  I wouldn’t want all you gluten capable people to have to spend more than necessary on a gluten-free flour blend (they can be pricey). So, here begins my first ever blogging experience.  Recipe and photos to follow- Nutella Crack Pie!

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